Leclerc expects trouble in 2022: “Challenge to drive well”


Formula 1 is approaching a new era in its illustrious history. The 2022 season is facing a huge load of technical changes and Charles Leclerc believes it will be a challenging season.

After the hybrid era that kicked off in 2014, it is time for a significant load of new changes in the technical aspects of a Formula 1 car in 2022. The new regulations should make it easier to drive close together on the track and make overtaking on the track a lot easier. They will also be driving with new 18-inch tires from Pirelli.


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In conversation with Formula 1, Leclerc is already looking ahead to the new season and expects the necessary challenges in 2022. “It is quite different”, he looks back on the test with the special, new tires. “It makes it quite tricky. It’s challenging for us as drivers and I think it’s going to be more challenging overall to drive the cars well,” said Monegask.

High speed

Leclerc continues his words about the new cars. “It probably has a larger window to work in and in addition it feels good in cold conditions. Especially in high-speed situations it is quite difficult to drive the car well,” Leclerc thinks. On February 23, we will be introduced to the brand new cars for the first time. Testing will then take place in Barcelona as usual.

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