Leclerc was able to turn his weaknesses into strengths at Ferrari


Not everything went well for Charles Leclerc in recent seasons. According to Monegask, there is always room for improvement and that is exactly what he has achieved. The Ferrari driver sees weak spots as learning opportunities for the future. Thanks to last season, he was even able to turn this into a number of strong qualities.

In front of the microphone of FPAL, among others, Leclerc explains what he has become better at in 2021. “Without a doubt, managing the race in general. I think I’ve seen this as one of my weak spots since the beginning of 2020, especially after 2019, when qualifying went very well but the race went less.”

“We had it a bit harder as a team, but also as a driver I had it more difficult than others. I worked a lot before that and it has become a lot better. In 2021 it has even become one of my strengths. Now it just feels good when I have to do things like tire management, I feel like I’m doing a good job.”

Still plenty of work for Leclerc and Ferrari

Managing the races is a lot better at Leclerc, but there is still plenty to improve on. In particular, the balance between qualifying and the race could be even better in terms of performance. “There is still work to be done,” continues the Monegask. “I haven’t quite found the balance to the race yet.”

“Sometimes I give up in qualifying so I’m better in the race. We’ve seen that a few times during the last season, but it’s a balance I’m constantly working on. I try to balance qualifying and to get the race perfect.”

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