Live: Max Verstappen in 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual


The last time the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans was held was a year and a half ago. Then the Team Redline formation of Max Verstappen, among others, fell out of a promising position due to hosting problems. One hopes to wash away the frustrations of that time when looking for sporting revenge. Only the final victory counts.

Verstappen forms a team with Atze Kerkhof, Max Benecke and IndyCar driver Felix Rosenqvist. They drive an Oreca 07 in the LMP2 class, a car that Verstappen knows ‘through and through’, according to Kerkhof. Verstappen starts the race with his team from the second starting position. The match starts at 2:00 PM.

Watch the live stream of the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans here.

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