Looking back at one of Hamilton’s best races ever: São Paulo 2021


Lewis Hamilton has his birthday today and Formula 1 itself has also decided to put the seven-time world champion in the spotlight. They do this by posting a video of the Brazilian Grand Prix, one of Hamilton’s best races ever.

Hamilton can blow out 37 candles today and so he is treated to the necessary congratulations from all corners of the racing world. The Brit, who has still not given any sign of life on his own social media channels, has already been put in the spotlight by his own team. Formula 1 has also decided not to be left behind.


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To celebrate the birthday of one of the best drivers of all time, the choice was made to include the Brazilian Grand Prix. It turned out to be one of Hamilton’s best weekends of all time, although that seemed further away than ever on Friday. Due to the unsuccessful test on his rear wing, Hamilton was treated with a disqualification, forcing him to start the sprint race on Saturday from the back. It seemed like a sledgehammer and the title seemed to slowly go to Max Verstappen.

Storming forward

However, Hamilton was not interested in that. The Briton, armed with a fresh Mercedes engine, was well prepared. He made a deep impression in the sprint race by storming to P5 from the back. Because of his engine change, he started the real race from P10 and there again there was no match for the man from Stevenage. He worked his way through the field like a hot knife through butter and eventually even managed to get rid of Verstappen, giving his championship aspirations a huge boost.

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