Marko about Mercedes rocket engine: ‘I am sure that the power source was legal after Brazil’


Red Bull made no secret of the fact that it thought Mercedes had illegality in the engine during the last races of the season. Now Helmut Marko has to admit that, at least after Brazil, nothing was wrong.

During the race weekend in Brazil, Hamilton was fitted with a new Mercedes power unit, which resulted in a grid penalty. In addition, the Briton had to start the sprint race last, because his qualifying result was cancelled. However, with the new power source Hamilton was lightning fast. He managed to work his way up to fifth place in the sprint race, after which he had to kick off the São Paulo Grand Prix from tenth place. However, he again drove a fantastic catch-up race and was able to win the race.

After the race, Red Bull said they suspected Mercedes had done something illegal with the engine. However, the following race weekends the top speed was back to normal. “I’m sure everything was legal in the races after Brazil,” he is quoted by Motorsport-Total. “The way Hamilton flew past us was a unique situation.”

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Legal Mercedes engine?

Marko emphasizes that Red Bull has not been able to find anything crazy after that race. “All measurements around the top speed were back to normal then.” Red Bull can therefore conclude that the power source that Hamilton used in Sao Paulo was simply supreme at that time. “Everything came together with that bike, we know that. It was really special,” adds Marko. “There were six [acht, red.] cars with Mercedes engines and only Hamilton had such a miracle weapon. But hey, it is what it is and we don’t want to blame them,” said Marko.

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