Marko has bad news for Perez about brand new Red Bull car


In 2022, all Formula 1 drivers will have a new car under their buttocks. Of course, every year new cars are delivered by the teams, but this year they are drastically different due to the new technical regulations.

Max Verstappen himself knows little about the new cars, but the world champion is looking forward to the new F1 era, he tells ServusTV. “It is difficult to say, because I have not yet driven the new car except in the simulator. I will do that again in January and February, but then the car will be very different again.”

The speed will probably drop slightly, but Max hopes that the new rules will increase the spectacle. “The cars are a bit slower, but I hope the races get better, that we can overtake more and that the teams are closer together. Then it doesn’t matter if you drive a little slower.”

Red Bull RB18 difficult to drive again?

Last season, many teams switched to development for the 2022 car relatively early, especially now that there is a budget cap in the sport and two development programs side by side is extremely expensive. At Mercedes and Red Bull it took a little longer before the focus was completely shifted, because they were engaged in a hard battle for the world title.

When Helmut Marko is asked whether this has had a major impact on the development for 2022, he says no. Even though Max and Lewis and their teams were still battling for the title, in the factory the focus was definitely on the brand new car.

“In between, the drivers have already worked a bit on the simulator, but of course it is mainly the engineers who are developing”, says Marko, who also indicates that the new car can be one that, just like in previous years, can be used in the future. which is unstable at the back.

That is something Verstappen has little trouble with, but his colleagues, Pierre Gasly, Alexander Albon and Sergio Perez, have regularly struggled with in recent seasons. “Max can drive a car that is quite unstable at the back. The car has to be as fast as possible and it doesn’t have to feel comfortable or pleasant. Only our second drivers often have the biggest problems with that,” said the Austrian.

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