Marko releases: Red Bull went for race trim with Verstappen


Helmut Marko has stated between nose and lips that Red Bull Racing has gone for a race trim with Max Verstappen. Qualifying will probably leave the Austrian team behind in order to retain more speed during the race. Red Bull has made a last minute change in the set-up.

“I fear it will be a tough qualifying for Verstappen,” the Red Bull adviser admits in conversation with Sky Sports F1. After the third free practice it became clear that in principle there is more speed in the Mercedes W12 than in the Red Bull. As a result, pole position for the Dutchman is already a difficult story in Abu Dhabi.

Verstappen must take advantage in the race

Marko states that Red Bull made a last minute change in setting with Verstappen: “We experimented and as a result we switched to a new set-up. We have tried and tested those,” the Austrian assures. What exactly has changed will probably become clear after qualifying.

Marko does, however, more or less release what the difference is. “We have to focus on the race,” he concludes. With this he suggests that Verstappen’s Red Bull is tuned for the race. If he loses in qualifying to title competitor Lewis Hamilton, he should have enough speed in the Grand Prix itself to keep up with him.

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