Marko stunned by FIA ‘idiot’ statement: ‘That rule was not needed in 30 years’


Helmut Marko is disturbed by the way Max Verstappen is portrayed in the media. The tendency within the international media seems to be increasing that the Dutchman is driving dangerously, and according to the Red Bull Racing scout, that is certainly not right. He therefore believes that the FIA ​​is not helping by responding to fears of a possible crash by tightening the regulations.

“Verstappen is deliberately portrayed as a dangerous driver,” sees the Austrian, who tells his story at Kronen Zeitung. ‘There is a real campaign going on against him! However, it doesn’t do the damage you’d expect it to do to a 24-year-old!’, he adds with satisfaction. Verstappen is holding up well under the pressure that the rest of the F1 world is putting on him in the title fight.

The fact that the FIA ​​pointed out the regulations regarding possible unsportsmanlike behavior went completely wrong with Red Bull management. Earlier Christian Horner, and now Marko, referred to Silverstone: ‘Yes, we have not forgotten that for a long time. Now an idiotic statement is issued about possible points deduction. That rule has been around for thirty years and we have never needed it.’

What if Verstappen and Hamilton crash?

Despite the warning from race director Michael Masi, it is still possible that Hamilton and Verstappen encounter each other on the track, and that it comes to a crash. “Then it must be investigated, but from a neutral point of view,” emphasizes the Red Bull man. He does not want prejudice from the race management and its stewards because of the way Verstappen is portrayed in the British media.

In addition, Marko argues for a different approach from race management. Several times penalties have been handed out in the 2021 season that, according to the man from Graz, are not in line with previous penalties. “Next year there must be a consistent approach by the stewards. There have been too many questionable incidents in the current season,” he concluded. These incidents were not treated equally, according to Marko.

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