Marko threatens: Red Bull will reconsider involvement in F1 if no change


Helmut Marko has criticized the actions of Mercedes and the race management after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing’s top adviser disagrees that it took the FIA ​​a long time to come to the decision to dismiss Mercedes’ protests.

Mercedes filed a protest against the possible overtaking during the safety car period of Max Verstappen on Lewis Hamilton. The procedure surrounding the lapped cars was also a reason for Mercedes to file a protest against the result of the race on the Yas Marina Circuit. However, the FIA ​​did not go along with Mercedes’ arguments, as a result of which Verstappen retains his first world title.

Despite the favorable decision of the race management, Marko is not pleased with the way everything happened and lashes out: ‘It is unworthy for the last race of the year that a decision on the result is postponed for so long. That speaks in favor of the attitude of what I believe to be a bad loser who makes such protests and objections.’

Marko threatens to leave Red Bull from Formula 1

‘We do not care. We are now the moral winner, one way or another,” continues the Austrian, who cannot resist threatening to leave the sport if change is not forthcoming: “We will reconsider our involvement in Formula 1 if there is no thought is given to how we can improve the regulations. The whole system needs to be reconsidered. The rules must be simplified under the guise of let’s race!’

Marko sees an excellent opportunity for this for the new president of the FIA. The Red Bull adviser therefore addresses the as yet unknown successor to Jean Todt: “After so many mistakes and questionable decisions have been made, there is certainly a great need for action. A new president is coming, let him start with this,” concludes a critical Marko at

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