Masi hands over crucial position to Bayer but stays on as race director


The FIA ​​has shared its new organization chart and Michael Masi’s name is missing. Peter Bayer will be responsible for Formula 1, 2 and 3 from next season. Masi was responsible for that from 2019 together with Nikolas Tombazis, but that is now placed on Bayer’s shoulders.

Every year the FIA ​​announces its new organizational chart, often with the well-known names on it. Sometimes a surprise pops up here and there. That is also the case this year. Bayer replaces Masi and Tombazis as the main responsible for Formula 1, but also the two classes below.

New names

The biggest change is that the name of Jean Todt is missing, although that came as no surprise. The Frenchman served as FIA president from 2009 and was replaced by Mohammed Ben Sulayem in December. Ben Sulaymen, 60, is at the helm of the FIA ​​and the motorsport division will be under Bayer. He replaces Masi and Tombazis. In the past, the role was played by Charlie Whiting, but after his death, the two gentlemen were suggested as replacements. This happened in 2019 and was basically a temporary solution until the new regulations went into effect.

Race director

Masi still seems to remain the race director of Formula 1. However, the person responsible for the ‘single-seater’ is normally also the race director. That would mean Bayer would have to be the race director during the Grands Prix weekends. However, nothing has been said about Masi’s status and what position he will hold next. The Australian took a hard hit after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but the FIA ​​has always supported him.

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