Max Verstappen about rivalry with Lewis Hamilton: ‘That’s what sportsmen do’


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Max Verstappen has enjoyed his rivalry with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Last year, the two drivers were almost inextricably linked on the podium. Especially during the last race in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen appeared to be very impressed by the man from Stevenage.

After a long and blood-curdling season, the sport came to the end everyone had secretly hoped for. The decision only came in the very last lap of the race when Verstappen passed Hamilton’s Mercedes. Just like during more races in 2021, this action (along with the run-up to it) caused a lot of commotion. Mercedes came up with two protests to have the result declared invalid. In the end everything turned out to have been for nothing because both protests were dismissed and Verstappen was officially world champion.


In conversation with the British Sky Sports, the Dutchman spoke extensively about the end of the race. He believes it must have been very sour for his British rival. Despite showing understanding on the one hand, Verstappen does stick to himself. “It’s sour to lose the title like that in the last round. It’s hard to put myself in his shoes as we are completely different. I drove for my first title and Lewis for his eighth. Despite all the criticism, I hope that something good can still be done from his side.” said Verstappen.


After a difficult end, such as at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, you would say that a sportsman wants to be alone for a while. Yet Lewis Hamilton proved the opposite in Formula 1. He was the first to congratulate his rival after the two crossed the line, proving himself a worthy sportsman. For Verstappen this was one of the moments that will stay with him. “It was really nice when Lewis came to congratulate me after the race. That’s what real sportsmen do. Especially after a moment like the last round it seems difficult to congratulate your rival. His father also came to me.” this is how the Limburger concludes.

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