Mazepin: Relationship to Schumacher is now neutral


Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin clashed a few times in 2021, especially on the track there was more than one crash between the two rookies.

Mazepin in particular had to take criticism for the accidents among teammates. Schumacher always took the incidents calmly. Things got better in the second half of the season, and the long-stressed relationship between the two has now normalized.

“Now it’s a very neutral relationship that has neither ups nor downs, but is just constant. And that’s the only way to get good results in this sport, ”said Mazepin at

He emphasized that he was in Formula 1 to win races: “I know that probably won’t happen any time soon, but the way to get there is to get the best car and vote on it as soon as possible. And that takes two people, »said the Russian.

“I’m sure Mick has exactly the same thoughts, ambitions and goals in mind. So we do what is necessary for the team. And I think we always try to do a little more on both sides of the garage to achieve these goals, ”said Mazepin.

Mazepin has apparently learned from his violent attacks on Schumacher. You have to “slow down” your approach a little and be “more careful” when fighting against your teammate, says Mazepin: “Because in Formula 1, it is really critical when something happens between two cars on the same team.”

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