McLaren boss calls on FIA after actions Max Verstappen


Mercedes F1 Media

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, would like to see the stewards be a lot clearer to the drivers in 2022 than they were last year. The American here cites an action by Max Verstappen as an example, which was not penalized by the stewards.

During the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen tried to defend his lead against Lewis Hamilton, who came closer with race steps. The Briton was more than 25 kilometers per hour faster on the straights, so Verstappen had to do everything he could to keep his title rival behind.

This eventually resulted in an incident at turn four, with both drivers leaving the track. Hamilton claimed Verstappen pushed him off the track, but the stewards saw no harm in the Dutchman’s action. Zak Brown believes it is fine that they let this moment go, but does not understand that Lando Norris was given a time penalty for a much less violent incident in Austria.

“Lando (Norris, ed.) does not even touch Sergio Pérez in Austria, but is treated there with a five-second time penalty. Then if you look at the incident between Verstappen and Hamilton in Brazil, where they both shoot off the track, the stewards say: ‘Let them race’. A lot of people don’t get it anymore, so we have to take a few steps back.” Brown tells RACER.

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