McLaren extremely satisfied with 2022 car development: ‘Making real progress week after week’


Andreas Seidl is optimistic about the development of McLaren’s 2022 car. Next season the teams will have to deal with new regulations, which will change the cars a lot. As a result, the teams do not know how they are doing, Seidl also sees.

“You have absolutely no reference,” the McLaren team boss begins in conversation with ‘Nevertheless, you try to identify yourself as a team in order to steal ambitious but also realistic goals.’ But that turns out to be more difficult than expected due to the new regulations that come into effect this season.

‘The car reacts to the developments’

Still, Seidl has a good feeling so far. ‘I am very pleased with the development at the moment. The car responds to the developments. Week after week we are making real progress in the wind tunnel. We will only really see how much it is worth in the end during the first qualifying in Bahrain next year.’

In recent years McLaren has been able to develop more and more. “I am absolutely convinced that we have all the talent on board that we need to take the next steps. Now we just need time, we have to work together every day, we have to learn things together and grow from it,” concludes Seidl.

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