McLaren has a goal for Norris: ‘Combining top level with regularity’


Lando Norris has issued his business card again in 2021 with McLaren, which is very impressed with its performance. McLarens racing director Andrea Stella does not hesitate to raise the bar a bit higher for the young Briton for 2022.

To the British newspaper express Stella tells in the first place that Norris is one of the fastest drivers in Formula 1 for him. “I have no doubt that in terms of pure pace belongs to the best drivers on the grid. No matter what the track conditions are.”

Stella naturally refers to the weekend in Sochi, Russia, under rainy conditions. Norris took pole for McLaren in qualifying. In the race he led for a long time, until it started to rain heavily in the final phase and Norris came in too late for a stop.

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That Norris scored well in 2022 – he finished sixth in the World Cup with 160 points – is good for Stella. Also because he says McLaren has worked hard with Norris on his racing skills. “We wanted to be racing craft improve, and so are opportunities to take points. The results prove that this was successful.”

Where, according to Stella, there is ‘another opportunity’ for Norris is in the area of ​​regularity. “Then I’m talking about maintaining that high standard of his, in every possible session. We would like to see reaching his top level go hand in hand with regularity.”

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