McLaren points to treatment Verstappen and makes urgent appeal to FIA


Last season, the FIA ​​and its stewards clashed several times with different teams. Throughout the year, the decisions of the stewards and race director Michael Masi regularly caused confusion. At times they seemed to be more lenient or stricter than at other times, so similar actions were handled in different ways.

During the last race of the year, in Abu Dhabi, many people were outraged again when Verstappen and Hamilton were allowed to compete for the world title in a controversial way. Earlier, Helmut Marko of Red Bull and Toto Wolff of Mercedes were already critical of the race management and the FIA, which would not be consistent enough.

McLaren also criticizes the FIA

McLaren CEO Zak Brown was also left astonished after the Yas Marina Circuit race, he tells RACER. “I think everyone was amazed. Of course there are winners and losers. It’s difficult to be a referee in a sport where half the fans will agree with a decision and the other half will disagree.”

“However, what happened in the final phase seemed to deviate from what happened in the past. If you immediately wave the red flag in Baku (after the blowout of Verstappen, ed.) … It changed the outcome for us ( McLaren, ed.), but during the winter we have to take a good look at many of our rules, because when I look back there is too much inconsistency in the rules, how they are applied and when they are applied.”

Verstappen vs. Hamilton and Norris vs. Perez as an example

The big McLaren boss points as an example to two moments in which the same action was punished once and once not. When Lando Norris pushed Perez to the outside in Austria, he received a slap on the fingers and a time penalty from the race management. When Verstappen did the same, according to Brown, he got away with it, he explains.

“Look at Lando, who doesn’t even touch Perez in Austria. Then Lando gets a five-second penalty and two penalty points. Then you have Max and Lewis, who both went off track in Brazil and then people shout ‘let them race’ I think everyone has stories like that and it’s hard too because it’s subjective, but I think we need to take a step back.”

And so one should take a good look at the rules, says Brown. “There were enough people frustrated throughout the year, so we have to look at the rules. We must not forget that as teams we make most of the rules. I would like to see less influence from the teams because we are the ones who make half of the have developed these rules,” said the McLaren CEO.

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