McLaren to limit ‘special liveries’ to protect identity


McLaren has driven different liveries in 2021, including two special editions. The British racing stable wants to prevent it from losing its “identity” and therefore emphasizes that special liveries will not become the norm.

The McLaren team has driven twice with a separate livery in 2021. The first time was during the Monaco Grand Prix, when the British racing stable paid tribute to its rich history with sponsor Gulf. This livery was light blue with orange and black accents and was received with great enthusiasm by most fans. The design of the car was also modified during the season finale in Abu Dhabi, due to a collaboration with BAT-affiliated Vuse. This time, however, the changes were less drastic.

According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown, fans have been thrilled with the changes but won’t get into the habit of tweaking the livery “The response from the fans has been great. I think it’s on a very limited basis, as we have done, strikes the right balance,” explained Brown. “We want to keep our identity and make a special colorway special. If you do it all the time, it loses its specialness.”

Livery Abu Dhabi

Regarding the Abu Dhabi livery, Brown said: “This came from a sponsor, just like Gulf. It doesn’t necessarily mean it always comes from a sponsor. I think it gives some vibrancy, and sends great messages,” explains he. “In this case it was a female artist from this area. So a great way to draw attention to different topics.”

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“Then of course our fans like to support us, so you see a lot of Gulf shirts and caps. In that respect, it’s great for fan engagement. It’s something we want to do and will continue to do, but not on a high-frequency basis,” emphasizes the CEO. “I think you will lose your own identity and it will be less special.”

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