McLaren wants to continue with one-off liveries: ‘But must remain special’


If it is up to McLaren boss and ex-marketing man Zak Brown, the team from Woking will also appear in the future with special one-off liveries at the start. However, special color combinations should not become a habit, emphasizes Brown.

McLaren exchanged its permanent color scheme in 2021 during two of the 22 Grands Prix for something else. On the streets of Monaco, the papaya orange house color was replaced by the equally iconic colors of oil company (and sponsor) Gulf. In Abu Dhabi, sponsor Vuse was featured with an artist-designed one-off.
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In conversation with Motorsport Brown now confesses that special liveries on the one hand taste like more, but also emphasizes that it must remain special. “I think you have to do it on a somewhat limited scale. I think we have found the right balance,” he says.

“As a team, we want to maintain our own identity, while a special livery must remain really special,” says the CEO of McLaren Racing. “If you do it all the time, it’s not special anymore.” So McLaren will continue to do it, Brown promises, but: “Not too often.”

Brown has also noticed that a unique color scheme can cause a stir. Around the Monaco Grand Prix, he saw many fans wearing ‘Gulf caps and shirts’. “It takes care of a lot fan engagement“, he concludes with satisfaction. “Everyone gave a thumbs uphe presumably refers to the social media reactions, “and was very excited.”

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