McLaren won’t challenge for Formula 1 world championship until 2024


McLaren will not be able to compete for world titles in Formula 1 until 2024, according to CEO Zak Brown. The British superpower has made considerable progress in recent seasons after a number of difficult years.

Daniel Ricciardo gave the team its first win since 2012 at Monza last year. Lando Norris also delivered some impressive performances. Yet McLaren did not get further than fourth in the constructors’ standings, behind Ferrari. The year leading up to the 2021 season, the Woking formation overcame a number of financial difficulties through multiple cash injections. Brown believes the team now has a base from which to hunt for world titles again, but hints at a wait of another two years before that happens.

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“I’m very happy with our people and that’s what’s important in the first place,” Brown said in a media call that included GPFans at the end of the season. “As everyone knows, we had [in 2020] financial challenges and they have all been resolved. Now we are deploying our resources to catch up on the technical infrastructure below the budget cap. The wind tunnel is currently being renovated. We have a lot of investments so financially we are very healthy. That’s all behind us.”

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The American continued: “On the track we just want to continue every year until we have our infrastructure in order, which unfortunately won’t really be until the 2024 season. It won’t be complete for 18 months. That’s when you get the car starts developing before 2024. We will make the best with the resources we have, but it certainly won’t be before 2024 before we can say we have everything we need.”

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