Meanwhile in F1 | Sainz busy during winter break as agent 055


Between all the important news you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. Don’t worry, F1Maximal will keep you informed of all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1 in the ‘Meanwhile in …’ section.

Sainz busy during winter break as agent 055

Carlos Sainz shows on Instagram that he is still wearing his Ferrari clothes. The Spaniard is neatly dressed and also wears sunglasses. The Madrileen looks a bit like a cop. He himself jokes that he is ‘Agent 055’. The 055 is of course a reference to Sainz’s own number 55.

Alfa Romeo shows photos of 2021 car with the parts explained

The season has come to an end and the 2021 Formula 1 cars can be put away. Alfa Romeo shows on Twitter some images of the car the team used in 2021. The team is curious how much the fans know about the Formula 1 car. All important parts are explained and what their function is.

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Leclerc enjoys holiday with girlfriend

Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend, Charlotte Sine, posted a photo on Instagram of them sitting on the watercraft with her boyfriend. The Ferrari driver is clearly enjoying his free time now that the winter break has arrived, but still seems to be looking for some action by racing on the water.

Insane Formula 1 intro shows cars through the years

A video of an amazing Formula 1 intro can be seen on Twitter. The video shows how two toy cars are put on a ‘Formula 1 track’. Once the race starts, the video becomes an animation. You can see how the cars are changing and getting more and more modern. There are several gems that have driven in Formula 1 in recent years.

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Red Bull looks back on 2021 with beautiful images

The Formula 1 season has come to an end and the year is almost over. For Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen it was a year to remember. The Dutchman won his first world title and the Austrian racing stable has also been able to enjoy an intense battle with Mercedes. The team shares the best moments of the past season.

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Ferrari posts funniest moments of star duo Sainz and Leclerc

In 2021 Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc formed a duo for the first time. They raced for Ferrari and were not far apart on the track. In the end they finished P5 and P7 in the championship. Off the track, these two have a very good relationship. And that makes for funny moments. Ferrari posted a compilation worth watching.

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Verstappen’s various Christmas outfits

Max Verstappen is not averse to dressing up. When it’s Christmas, the Dutch Red Bull Racing driver likes to dress up in theme. Sometimes it’s just a Santa hat, or antlers, but he’s also appeared in a full elf outfit. Below you will find all Christmas outfits from recent years.

Doornbos proposes to fiance again

Robert Doornbos has again proposed to his fiancée Chantal Bles. The couple has been engaged since 2010, but due to all the setbacks, the marriage never materialized. The couple’s daughter struggled with health problems until she was declared cured in 2019. The couple is now getting married. The beautiful images of the second proposal can be seen below.

The funniest moments of the Formula 1 season at a glance

The Formula 1 season has come to an end for a while and everyone has enjoyed the past season. There have been many fun and hilarious moments and Formula 1 has listed them all. From fun on-board radios to funny press conferences, all moments pass by in the video.

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Bottas enjoys winter break on the snowmobile

Valtteri Bottas enjoys the winter break in a very different way than most Formula 1 drivers. While most drivers seek peace with family and friends or go on holiday to a warm country, Bottas is cruising on the snowmobile. In any case, it produces very nice images!

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Gasly is stunned by Verstappen’s championship-winning round

Pierre Gasly stood in front of several microphones as he watched Max Verstappen’s final lap for the first time. He watches the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on board with Verstappen with excitement and his reaction is beautiful.

Verstappen celebrates Christmas in Brazil with the Piquets

In addition to the usual Christmas activities at the Verstappens, Max Verstappen recently also had an obligation to celebrate Christmas with the in-laws. He traveled to Brazil with girlfriend Kelly Piquet to celebrate the holidays with her family, including three-time world champion Nelson Piquet.

Verstappen plays special kind of football with brother-in-law Piquet Jr.

Max Verstappen is currently celebrating Christmas with his in-laws. The world champion remains sporty, because he plays football with former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Junior. On a very slippery surface, the Red Bull Racing driver has to be careful not to get injured.

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Pérez most often voted ‘Driver of the Day’ in 2021

Sergio Pérez has won the most ‘Driver of the Day’ titles this season. The Red Bull Racing driver was voted the best driver of the day four times. Teammate Max Verstappen and McLaren driver Lando Norris were both named ‘Driver of the Day’ three times. Ten drivers in the field were not allowed to wear the title once last season.

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Verstappen narrowly loses election for best overtaking

In recent days, F1 fans were allowed to vote for what they thought was the best overtake of the year. In a tournament format – complete with quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final – fans could vote for their favorite actions via Twitter polls, which were always pitted against each other in pairs of two. In the end, it was Lando Norris and Max Verstappen who were allowed to divide the honor between themselves. Verstappen with his championship-winning overtake on Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, Norris with his move on Charles Leclerc at Monza to secure a McLaren 1-2. Surprisingly, it was Norris who ultimately came out on top, with 53.8% of the vote. Norris voted for Verstappen himself, but writes in the comments: ‘Wow. My first F1 win.’

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Ricciardo’s most beautiful moments in 2021

It was not an easy year for Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian drove for McLaren for the first time in 2021, and had some trouble with it, especially at the start of the season. On many weekends, Ricciardo missed the speed we are used to from him, and he didn’t know why. On the other hand, the Honey Badger also won its first race since leaving Red Bull Racing this year, and McLaren’s first race since 2012 (!). So it wasn’t such a bad year. That’s why F1 has already rounded up Ricciardo’s best moments: both on and off track.

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Verstappen gives away worn racing suit for Christmas

Max Verstappen is giving away a worn racing suit with signature during the holidays. A lucky fan can win this special prize and make Christmas extra special. Earlier, the brand new world champion sold all his car for charity.

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Verstappen and Pérez give each other entertaining Christmas presents

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez offer the Red Bull Racing fans their Christmas greetings. In a Christmas special, the two F1 drivers also give each other gifts. Curious what they got from each other? Check it out below.

Verstappen meets his newborn nephew

While Max Verstappen was busy winning the world title, his sister Victoria brought new life into the world for the second time. After all the hustle and bustle surrounding his championship win, the Red Bull driver has found time to meet his newborn nephew, Victoria revealed via her Instagram account.

Mercedes shows first images of car 2022

The first images came out on Mercedes’ YouTube channel today where Mercedes shows that the new car of 2022 is being started. There is already a clear engine running and the sound from the exhaust can also be heard. In the video, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also passes by during a video call. The Austrian was seen smiling and seemed enthusiastic about the new car.

Verstappen and Pérez dressed in Christmas clothes for Red Bull promotion

Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez are all ready for Christmas. Red Bull Racing posts a Tweet containing a photo of Verstappen and Pérez dressed in Christmas clothes. The text reads: ‘More to follow’. The two may have recorded a special video for Red Bull in the run-up to Christmas. In any case, we’ll find out soon enough.

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