Mercedes gives terrifying update on 2022 car


Mercedes F1 Media

Mercedes’ 2022 car has already started up for the first time at the Mercedes factory in Brackley. On social media, the eight-time constructor champion showed that next year’s car had already passed the test phase and that the engine had already been switched on for the first time. This video was not a smokescreen, Mercedes now makes clear.

Sam Collins, journalist and analyst with the official F1 team, inquired with Mercedes about the ‘fire-up’. This normally only happens in February, just before the cars are shown to the public. But the German team has already completed the 2022 car so far that it was able to make its engine roar for the first time in December.

Mercedes indicates to Collins that this was a real fire-up, in which the 2022 engine was actually started in the new car. This means that Hamilton and George Russell’s team is well ahead of schedule!

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