Mercedes the ‘Silver Arrows’ again in 2022: how does Hamilton see this return?


If the message from the German picture if correct, then the Mercedes cars will be covered in the traditional silver color again next season. The German racing stable has been nicknamed ‘Silver Arrows’ since 1934, but in 2020 Mercedes decided to switch to a black livery. Lewis Hamilton asked the team to switch to the black livery to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. So the team now seems to be going back to the traditional silver color, how is that with Hamilton?

The 2020 Formula 1 season was initially plagued by the corona pandemic. During the Grand Prix weekend in Australia it became clear that there would be no racing. Normally the first race of the season was held on March 15, but the sport had to wait another four months before the lights went green for the first free practice of the year. On July 5, the first race of the season was held at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. In addition to the calendar, the color of Mercedes was also adjusted.

At the end of May, Black Lives Matter demonstrations took place around the world following the murder of George Floyd. The world of Formula 1 also expressed support for the movement. Some drivers knelt before the race and wore shirts that read ‘end racism’. Hamilton asked his stable to go one step further and adjust the livery. Mercedes fulfilled the driver’s wish and from the first race the team was dressed in black. The switch took some getting used to for Valtteri Bottas, especially on the warm sunny days.

The return to silver

The choice of Mercedes to switch to the silver livery again seems to be a choice that Hamilton could struggle with. However, he previously indicated in an interview with that the return will not be a problem for him. The team is originally called the ‘Silver Arrows’. We wanted to show our support, so I asked the team to switch to black as a kind of symbol of our support. I never expected it to take very long. It’s great that we are now riding in black for the second year.’

The seven-time world champion has been riding for the German racing stable since 2013. At Mercedes, he won the Constructors’ Championship eight times and five personal world titles. “A move to the silver livery will be a nice change,” Hamilton confirmed. ‘It will not change anything, because we have already started a good initiative.’ This structural change within the team will have allowed the team to return to its original color.

Earlier this year, Mercedes and Hamilton launched the charity Ignite, which works closely with the Mission 44 organization (a charity started by Hamilton himself, ed.). This initiative should ensure more diversity within Formula 1. The charity currently focuses on the United Kingdom and seeks to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive a good education. According to Bild, the initiative will have raised more than ten million euros by the end of 2023. The fact that Mercedes is working on the road will undoubtedly ease the pain of the return of the silver paint for the Briton.

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