New rules offer opportunities according to Steiner: ‘This way the level is at least the same’


Guenther Steiner thinks Haas would not have been able to catch up with their other competitors if there were no regulatory changes in 2022. The team struggled in 2021, finishing bottom with zero points in the constructors’ standings. The Haas team boss hopes that the 2022 rules will open up opportunities for Haas.

“I’ll be happy if there’s an opportunity for us,” Steiner told “Unfortunately, it gives opportunities to everyone. For us it is a great opportunity because we would certainly have had a very difficult time if we had continued with the old rules. In this way we are at least on an equal level.’ Steiner states that the top teams will still have a small advantage, but thinks it will create a more level playing field.

Steiner: ‘The big teams will still have more advantage’

In 2022, the cars will be completely different from the cars that were still driving in 2021. The aerodynamics will be different and the cars will follow each other more easily, at least that’s what the FIA ​​hopes. The budget cap has also been lowered and the teams are now allowed to spend only 140 million dollars. Haas, which is one of the least wealthy teams in Formula 1, will therefore benefit from the new rule.

“The big teams will always have more advantage,” says Steiner. ‘Certainly at the beginning of the budget ceiling, they have a greater advantage because they already have all the resources. Fortunately, that all straightens out and if you fall behind in the beginning, you can catch up later because everyone starts from the same point. Even if you fall back, you don’t fall back very far. You don’t miss a whole year of development. I think that’s an advantage,” Steiner concludes.

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