Newey very proud of Verstappen: ‘Max deserved the world title the most’


Adrian Newey is extremely proud of Max Verstappen. The Red Bull engineer and chief designer of the RB16B reacts to winning the world title shortly after the race in Abu Dhabi, stating that Verstappen is the rightful winner of the world cup.

“That was really immense, what a year,” Newey begins in conversation with Ziggo Sport. “If you look back at this season, we’ve had a really great year. It was a really eventful year, with a lot of nagging and arranging. But we just did it.’

The battle between Verstappen and Hamilton was also intense for Newey. “My thoughts have often gone back to that incident between the two at Silverstone. That was really intense. A lot of things have happened this year, some fairer than others.’

Newey calls title ‘deserved’

Ultimately, the title is deserved for Verstappen, says the engineer. Max just deserves this, that’s all I can say. I am very happy, the best driver won today and that is good for the sport.’

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