Nicolas Hamilton is certain: Lewis will not resign


After losing to Max Verstappen in the World Cup, Lewis Hamilton went diving. Many GP supporters fear that Hamilton will not return to the racetracks. His brother Nicolas calms the mind.

All unfollowed on Instagram, no comment on this platform or in other social networks for a long time: Lewis Hamilton seems to have disappeared from the scene. Since then, there has been a lot of excitement among many fans of the most successful Formula 1 driver – they fear that the 103-time GP winner will not return to the racetracks.

Bernie Ecclestone, builder of modern Formula 1, poured fuel on the fire. The 91-year-old Englishman told the long-time GP reporter Roger Benoit of the Swiss daily Blick: “I spoke to his father on the phone a few days ago. I immediately felt that he wouldn’t answer a question about his son’s future. So we only talked about business. “

How does Ecclestone, managing director of the “Formula One Group” until January 2017, justify his conviction that Hamilton will not return after the winter break? «Lewis could only lose in 2022. Who knows how the new cars will reposition the field. With George Russell he would have an ambitious team-mate, of whom I am not as convinced as many experts, by the way. And then we don’t forget about Verstappen. With him, Hamilton has finally found an equal opponent after many years. “

However: With the whole fuss about Hamilton and his detachment action on Instagram, it is quickly forgotten – Lewis amazed his fans in September 2019 when he briefly drove Instagram down to zero.

In May 2021 he said on the subject of social networks: “Sometimes I have trouble with social networks. Many people just look at their cell phones all the time, they forget the rest of the world. You no longer take the time to enjoy a sunset or look at a beautiful tree. I just wanted to wipe it clean. I caught myself wanting to see what’s going on on Instagram right after getting up. I wanted to stop that. “

Nicolas Hamilton, the 29-year-old brother of Lewis Hamilton, has now reassured fans in a live stream on Twitch: “Lewis is fine. He only takes a little break from social networks, which I can’t blame him for. Social media can be a very poisonous place. But he’s fine. What is he doing right now? He watches the kids skiing. “

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