Norris does not want to interfere in Verstappen and Hamilton title battle in Abu Dhabi


Lando Norris has indicated that he is nervous about his start behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The Briton qualified in P3, on the red belt. With a good start, he could be ahead of Hamilton after turn 1, which could have consequences for how the world title is determined. The McLaren driver indicates that he does not want to interfere too much in the fight for the world title.

‘I’m quite nervous! I really just want to race where I start and see how the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton unfolds,” Norris opens in conversation with The Race. Starting on the red belt it is Norris who could come out of his place better than his title competitor. On the soft tire he could then hold up the Mercedes driver in the opening phase until these soft tires wear out.

Norris knows he could get involved in the fight but prefers not to: “I don’t want to get involved too much. That can cause a lot of controversy,” he says. If he breaks a part of one of the title rivals, he is of course the culprit and the one who costs someone a world title. ‘I don’t know whether I should go for that action or not. If I have a chance, though, I’ll just take it.’

Norris also places responsibility on Verstappen and Hamilton

So Norris is a bit in two minds. On the one hand he wants to race, on the other hand he doesn’t want to ruin the race of the two gentlemen for himself. ‘You don’t want to take unnecessary risks because you know what they’re fighting for, and what you’re fighting for. It remains a race, it is allowed to overtake them,” he continues divided.

“Of course I bear a lot of responsibility, and so do they, but they have something to lose and I have something to gain. However, I know that I’m not basically racing them, so I have to choose my fights well,” he concludes. Keeping Hamilton behind for a few laps by demanding a lot from his tires could cost him time throughout the race. That is also why Norris may hold back in the first corners.

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