Norris: “I don’t know if I will have problems with that”


The design of Formula 1 cars will change drastically, but parts such as the steering wheel and brake pedals are little different from what Formula 1 drivers are used to. In conversation with, among others FPAL explains the McLaren driver that the problem for the coming season will not lie here, but perhaps in the things that will be completely different.

Many parts in the cars are still the same, but otherwise the car will be different. I have no idea how that will turn out and whether I can deal with it very well or if I will have problems.”

Norris is therefore not afraid that he will suddenly have to look for a new way of braking and steering, but does expect that the drivers will have to adapt their driving style. “That will be the same for everyone,” explains the Briton. “Everyone will have to adapt. No driver will have the driving style that allows you to just get into next season’s car and do the same thing. Some adjustments will be needed.”

Many question marks about driving 2022 car

Adapting to the 2022 car will be easier for some than others, Norris predicts. “I’m not nervous or nervous, but I have some questions about how the car will behave. Will I need a driving style that is beneficial to me and that I feel good about? Or do I have to adapt ? I’m curious about that.”

The new generation of F1 cars will be less detailed in aerodynamics than the cars of previous years. The purpose of this is to limit disturbed airflows behind the cars, so that drivers can follow each other better and overtake is easier. Due to the simplified aerodynamic package, the cars can be a bit more unstable, forcing drivers to adapt to the new characteristics.

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