Norris praises Sainz: “One of the best drivers on the grid”


Lando Norris is deeply impressed by the performance of former teammate Carlos Sainz. The Brit notes that people are only now beginning to realize how good the Spaniard really is.

Sainz showed himself last year as one of the most consistent drivers on the grid. The Spaniard crossed the finish line 22 times this season, of which he finished in the top ten twenty times and was allowed to take the podium four times. It eventually gave Sainz a good fifth place in the world championship and with that he managed to trick men like Charles Leclerc and Norris himself.

One of the best drivers on the grid

In his first two years in Formula 1, Norris got to experience up close how good Sainz really was. The rookie was beaten in 2019 with 96 points for Sainz and 49 points for Norris, although it went better in 2020: 105 points for Sainz and 97 for Norris. “I think Carlos is one of the best drivers on the grid. It also made me look less good because he is an extremely good driver,” Norris told

Big public

The Briton thinks the general public is finally starting to realize how good the Ferrari driver really is. “I think I was a little bit in his shadow because he did such a great job. He drove first in a Toro Rosso, then a Renault and then a McLaren. Now at Ferrari more and more people are seeing what he is capable of.” , concludes the McLaren driver.

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