Norris predicts difficult transition to 2022: ‘Everyone has to adapt’


McLaren driver Lando Norris expects that many drivers will have to adjust their driving style next season. The aerodynamics of the Formula 1 cars will be very different next year, so the cars will initially be a lot slower. The drivers have already been able to get a taste of the simulator in recent months, but in February they will get to work on the real thing. Norris thinks it could take a long time for drivers to get used to the cars.

In addition to a new aerodynamic structure, the drivers will also have to deal with new 18-inch tires next season. Norris expects everyone to be in this together. “It will all be very different, so everyone will have to adapt,” the McLaren driver is quoted by Britain’s Express. “Nobody will just get in the car and just drive like they always did. It will change something for everyone.’

Norris is happy that everyone has the same question marks about the new cars. The young driver hopes his questions will be answered soon. ‘You mainly wonder whether it will feel good in the car or whether you will have a lot more problems. Others will have those questions too. That’s why I’m especially curious about next year.’

Norris is slightly concerned

According to the 22-year-old Briton, it is normal that Formula 1 drivers have to get used to a new car every year. ‘In recent years, small things have been adapted. Then you start thinking about the adjustment of the brakes and that can be easily adjusted.’ For next year, however, the drivers are still in the dark. “No one knows exactly what to expect. I wonder how long it will take me to get used to it. I’m a little bit worried about that too,” said Norris.

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