Norris wants to beat Hamilton and Verstappen: “You can really beat them”


Lando Norris says he is ready to take on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. All he needs to beat them is a better car. The McLaren driver, on the other hand, gains confidence every time he can fight Hamilton or Verstappen.

“All it gives me is confidence. Anytime you can get into a fight with them there should be no reason why you can’t beat them with an equivalent car,” said Norris quoted by Express. “The more you fight with them, the more experience you get. That puts you in a better position so that you can really beat them.’

Norris: ‘They don’t just have better cars’

“After a year or maybe two years, you’ll be ready to actually fight them. Then you can race against them all the time and then you are ready to beat them.’ Norris finished sixth this season but started the season very strong. This season, he came on the podium four times, took his first-ever pole position in his Formula 1 career and almost won the Russian Grand Prix.

The Briton does admit that Hamilton and Verstappen drive better cars than McLaren’s. “Not only do they have better cars, but usually the drivers that drive them are the better or the more experienced drivers. There is also more pressure on you when you go into battle with them because they think of every possible strategy. They are constantly thinking of a plan how they will pass you,” the 22-year-old McLaren driver ends, who hopes to drive a good car in 2022.

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