‘Not all problems have been solved yet, but we are on the right track’


Alpine still has plenty to do before the new season, says Fernando Alonso. According to the two-time world champion, the time for excuses is now over and Alpine must maximize the package for 2022: “We have the right people and the necessary resources.”

Alpine has been battling with AlphaTauri for a long time this season. The French team knew it would be difficult to come close to Ferrari and McLaren, but ultimately trumped AlphaTauri for fifth place among the constructors. For 2022, the team would of course want to take another step forward, although the team still has plenty to do, according to Fernando Alonso.

“Not all problems have been solved yet, but we are on the right track,” Alonso told Auto, Motor und Sport. “With my experience I have a good overview of what we did well and what our weaknesses were. I can help make up the shortfalls. As good as we are as a team, we will need a fast car. But everyone has the necessary question marks.”

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One of the steps Alpine has taken for 2022 is the development of a better power source. That is of course good news for Alonso, but he does not want to celebrate too soon. “The new engine was absolutely necessary,” the Spaniard said. “But there is still something to come out of aerodynamics. Otherwise we can’t get close to those who dominate.”

Ultimately, the question for all teams is where they will be next year. In the simulator the teams can already see how strong they themselves can be, but it is then only a guess what the competition is capable of. According to Alonso, that uncertainty should not be an excuse for the team. “Nobody knows what’s going to happen and nobody knows what the goal is. In a normal winter we would have said to find eight tenths. But we don’t know what the new benchmark is. Nobody knows what the new benchmark is. There is only hope that it will be enough. We have the right people and the necessary resources. Now it’s up to us to make something of it. The time for apologies is over,” emphasizes the two-time world champion.

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For 40-year-old Alonso it is already clear what he has to do. “I have to make sure I’m fit. At my age you have to train more and eat more carefully. At the start of the season I will be fit and if the car is okay I am hopeful,” concludes the Alpine driver.

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