‘Now one of my strong points’


Charles Leclerc says he has taken a step forward in race management in 2021. What he said was one of his weaknesses at the beginning of 2020 is now ‘one of my strengths’.

Leclerc had a mixed season. The Monegask looked to be able to surprise in Monaco after taking pole, but a problem with the car prevented him from starting the race. He went on to achieve good results with second place in Great Britain as the highlight, but ultimately finished behind teammate Carlos Sainz in the standings.

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So it was not a perfect season for Leclerc, but he has learned and hopes to be able to take that knowledge with him to the new season. The race management in particular has been a major point for improvement, Leclerc indicates. “Since the beginning of 2020 I said that was one of my weaknesses,” says Leclerc. “Especially in 2019 I had a lot of good qualifying but struggled in the races. We struggled more as a team, but as a driver I could just feel that I was struggling more than the other drivers.”

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“That’s something I worked on in 2020,” Leclerc continues. “I got a lot better and in 2021 it was even one of my strong points.” So progress has been made, but the Monegask knows there is always room for improvement. “We have some more to work on. Maybe a balance between qualifying and the race that I haven’t found yet. Sometimes I sacrifice my qualifying more to have a good race, as we have seen a few times. But that’s something I’m working on. I want to find the perfect balance between qualifying and the race,” concludes Leclerc.

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