Nürburgring responds to Stefano Domenicali statements about possible return to GP Germany


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The organization of the Nürburgring has responded to the previous statements by Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. The former Ferrari team boss thinks it is ridiculous that no competition is being held in Germany.

“It’s a shame that we don’t have a match in Germany at the moment. At the moment, however, I see little initiative from Germany to organize a GP. I’m seriously not getting around to that.” Domenicali said during a conversation with SPORT1. The circuit management recently responded to Domenicali’s statements and say there is enough demand for a Grand Prix in Germany. After the game in 2020, there was already talk about a game in 2021. In the end, however, these negotiations came to nothing.

Water with the wine

According to the circuit’s head of communications, Alexander Gerhard, Formula 1 owes this to itself. He therefore states that the historic circuit and Formula 1 would fit well together, but that good conditions must also be attached to it. “We still think that as a circuit we would be a good fit for Formula 1. Of course, good economic preconditions are part of that.” said Gerhard in conversation with RTL.

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