Ocon learns from Alonso: “Picked up quite a few things from him


Esteban Ocon picks up a lot from teammate and two-time world champion Fernando Alonso. The Frenchman had intended to learn a lot from the Spaniard and he says he has succeeded.

Alonso made his Formula 1 return last season after a two-year absence from the sport. Despite a shaky start, the two-time world champion has put in some strong performances. He has also shown that he still possesses the sacred fire. For example, the Spaniard entered a hard fight with Lewis Hamilton in Hungary and partly because of this, teammate Ocon managed to win the Grand Prix.

Learned much

During a post-season media briefing, including GPFans, Ocon said: “I really learned a lot from him. Especially his early laps, I kept a close eye on that.” He also kept an eye on Alonso’s performance: “I kept an eye on him and I noticed that towards the end of the season I lost few places during the first laps.”


Alonso as a team-mate makes sure you have to perform: “I think it’s a privilege to work with a legend like him. He was of course the reference within the team. And I was happy to see that I matched him in terms of pace And we pushed each other to a new level.” In doing so, the two Alpine drivers ensured that the maximum was obtained from the car.

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