Ocon likes the hunt for the top: “Can fight with a fast car in the front”


The list of drivers and teams hoping to compete with Red Bull Racing and Mercedes in 2022 is growing all the time. Esteban Ocon also hopes to be able to take a shot at the top spots together with Alpine.

2022 is accompanied by a laundry list of new rules and that is why it is actually the case that the teams all start at the same level again. It is expected that some jumps can be made in the hierarchy and in recent weeks more and more stories have come out with confidence from the various drivers and teams who hope to be able to open the hunt for Red Bull and Mercedes in the upcoming season.

Take chances

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Ocon also thinks that he has good papers with Alpine, as the team already showed what it is capable of a number of times last season. “We knew we didn’t have the fastest car and we didn’t have the fastest package to compete at the front. But when the time came and there were opportunities, we showed what we could do, think Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Sochi almost ahead of Fernando,” he told Racer.

Not afraid

According to the Frenchman, it is therefore more than good in terms of dealing with pressure and quality within the team. For him it is now important to get a good car that is able to compete at the front. “We have been operationally top in 2021 and I think we can be proud of that. It means that with a fast car we can fight for the places in the front and we are not afraid of the top cars and top teams,” concludes the one-time race winner .

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