Ocon understands Masi’s position: “Unfortunately, cannot please everyone”


Single race winner Esteban Ocon believes race director Michael Masi has a difficult job of satisfying everyone. Masi came under fire a number of times last season for being inconsistent according to drivers and teams.

The controversial way in which Max Verstappen was able to take the world title in Abu Dhabi is indicative of Masi’s policy. The spotlight is therefore on the Australian and the FIA ​​will even conduct research to explain the decisions to the teams.

So many rules

During a post-season media briefing, including GPFans, Ocon explained: “There are so many rules. The FIA’s rulebook is huge and no, of course I didn’t read it all the way.” He understands that Masi always has to make a difficult choice: “It’s difficult to make the right choice at the right time. So many things often happen during the race.” Speaking about the last few laps in Abu Dhabi, Ocon said: “It is what it is. It is a sport in the end and it will always fall one way or the other. You can’t please everyone unfortunately.”

Track limits

Last season there was also a lot of talk about the ‘track limits’. On one track it’s the white line, on the other track it’s the kerbstones. Compared to football, it is clear that you have no business behind the white line, although Ocon does not want to draw that comparison: “I think it is unfortunately a bit more complicated than football.” Still, he sees a solution for the ambiguities: “Clearer rules must be introduced, because there are a lot of factors that come into play.”

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