Pérez about Red Bull contract extension: ‘I wasn’t worried at all’


Sergio Perez has never worried about his future with the Red Bull Racing team, he now reveals. Helmut Marko and Christian Horner told him early in the season that they wanted to continue with him for longer.

Pérez joined the Red Bull Racing team at the start of 2021 after being shown the door by Racing Point. While Perez has proven over the years that he is a talented driver, it took a while for him to find his niche at Red Bull.

Red Bull was, despite the somewhat difficult start of the Mexican, very satisfied. They decided to offer him a contract extension in August, in the hope that that certainty would also help him on the asphalt. That worked indeed, because after his contract extension things suddenly went a lot better at Pérez. The driver has never really worried about his future with the team.

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Perez . contract extension

“No, I wasn’t worried at all,” Perez told RaceFans. “I mean, at this stage in my career, it’s hard to worry about not getting a seat.” He continues: “I think I was a very good match with the Red Bull family very quickly. Helmut and Christian said very early on that I should not look elsewhere because they wanted to continue with me.”

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