Pérez admits: ‘Life of a Red Bull driver is a lot more hectic’


Sergio Pérez has explained why he wanted to continue working with Red Bull Racing after 2021. Towards the end of last season it became clear that the Austrian team wanted to continue with him, and the feeling was mutual. Pérez is having a great time at his current stable and that is exactly why he has signed a one-year contract extension. He does indicate that the life of a Red Bull driver is relatively hectic.

“I am having a lot of fun at Red Bull. I like working with the group of people and the engineers. I also find myself in the Red Bull culture and I like that the brand is so big,” Pérez said to the The Edge podcast. “However, that makes it a lot more work, relative to other Formula 1 teams,” he adds. At Racing Point, the media moments were a lot rarer, for example.

Pérez: ‘I really feel part of the team and I work very well with Max Verstappen and the race engineers. I’m at a point in my career where it’s most important that I have fun.’ When he leaves home after a Grand Prix, he is eager to travel to the next circuit. Because that urge for racing is still there, Pérez decided to sign up.

However, he does not make an important comment: if he had not been able to continue at Red Bull in 2022, he would have had to look for another team. Formula 1 seats are scarce. That will also be a partial explanation for the fact that he wanted to play an extra year for the team from Milton Keynes. Another explanation is that he continues to believe in himself: ‘I’m on the grid because I believe I can become world champion.’

Pérez experiences a heavy schedule at Red Bull

The life of a Red Bull driver is more hectic than the life of any other driver in Formula 1. Pérez explains where this feeling comes from: “First of all, the Red Bull brand is huge. You have many obligations towards various partners. They keep the drivers busy with that’, he says with a chuckle. When Verstappen and Pérez were in America, for example, they also had to report to the headquarters of main sponsor Oracle in between.

But that hustle and bustle is not limited to promotional events outside of the weekends. Pérez knows that the pressure on the team along the circuit is also full: ‘It’s the same on the asphalt. Usually at Red Bull you fight for the world title. If you don’t do this, you work towards it. So you’re always in the spotlight.’ So there is a lot more pressure at his current racing stable than at the relatively small Racing Point.

“That makes the experience very intense compared to a team that isn’t competing for the title, or isn’t backed by such a big brand. That certainly makes it more of a challenge’, he concludes. Previously, Pérez indicated that he wanted to start the year strongly in 2022. After a year with the team, he understands the car better and with that knowledge he wants to start the year stronger than he did in 2021.

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