Pérez is counting on a stronger second Red Bull year after ‘promising’ 2021


Sergio Pérez does not ignore the fact that he had hoped for more in 2021, but still describes it as a promising season on which he thinks he can continue with Red Bull in 2022.

That is mainly because, after a somewhat stiff start, it clicked for the Mexican in the final phase of the season. Precisely during his home weekend in Mexico, everything fell into place a lot more, says Pérez SpeedWeek. “A lot of details came together then. I finally understood better how I can get more out of the car.”

From that moment on, according to Pérez, things went noticeably better. He also underlined that by taking a podium in Mexico. In the end, Pérez scored one win and four further podium finishes in his first campaign for Red Bull. He finished fourth in the World Cup.

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“I had hoped for more”, he admits in that regard, “but I would still describe it as a promising year. Ultimately, we will only get stronger together,” he expects. According to Pérez, you should also not forget that he only had a test day before the start of the season and the Red Bull is a completely different car than he was used to.

Pérez had to get used to the Red Bull during the year. Where he sometimes used the setup of teammate Max Verstappen in the beginning, he later went his own way. A lot of fine-tuning later in the year, Pérez found a better feeling behind the wheel.

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