Pérez on team boss Christian Horner: “Red Bull Racing is his life”


As a team principal, Christian Horner is of course very involved with the Red Bull Racing team and is clearly very passionate about his work, as Sergio Pérez sees. The Mexican therefore emphasizes that Red Bull is his life.

Red Bull Racing and Mercedes were very evenly matched during the last Formula 1 season. This resulted in a fierce title battle between both teams, with emotions sometimes running very high. However, the title fight was not only fought on the track, but also off it. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff regularly got into a fight.

Wolff vs Horner

In an interview attended by GPFans, Perez was asked to what extent he believes the bickering between Horner and Wolff was real. To this, Pérez replied: “Well, I think the situation we were in was very intense. They are our main competitors.”

“I can’t judge Toto and I don’t know how he behaves at work,” he continues. “But speaking on behalf of Christian, I would say that Red Bull Racing is his life. It’s everything [voor hem]. He is willing to give anything for it. He’s very passionate and I love seeing it,” said the Mexican.

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