Pérez satisfied with ‘perfect’ teamwork: ‘I was able to help Verstappen’


Sergio Perez played a very important role during qualifying in Abu Dhabi. During Q3, the Mexican provided his teammate Max Verstappen with a tow. The two-time race winner was unable to qualify in third place, but the driver is still satisfied with his Saturday. “It’s a good result.”

At the start of Q3, the Red Bull Racing team sent its drivers out at the same time. The engineer told Perez not to get in Verstappen’s road, but it became clear that the Mexican would give a tow to his teammate. The Red Bull driver is satisfied with his contribution. “We knew we had a chance against Mercedes,” Perez told Sky Sports. ‘The teamwork was perfect. It worked and I’m glad I was able to help Verstappen because if you were too close I could actually hurt him.”

After the rider had made his contribution, Pérez was able to start his own lap. Initially, the Mexican rode to a third time, but was eventually overtaken by Lando Norris. Pérez hopes for a good start on Sunday. “Unfortunately I just missed P3, it was because of the last corner, but it’s still a good result. I hope I will be over Lando soon. ‘

Starting on the softs

Both Red Bull drivers will start on the softs, while the Mercedes will start on the mediums. The driver of the Austrian racing stable does not see it as a disadvantage. “Hopefully the start is good, then we’ll see what we can get out of it after that. I think we’re going to have a great race. The softs won’t wear out that fast, so we’ll see how it unfolds,” said Pérez.

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