Persistent problems hinder Dutch truckers in Dakar


The ninth stage of the Dakar Rally 2022 was, surprisingly, a prey for the Russians. Nikolaev took the longest end of the 287 kilometer stage from Wadi Ad Dawasir to Wadi Ad Dawasir, in other words, a lap, at the longest end.

The lead over compatriot Sotnikov was two minutes. With three stages to go, Sotnikov is still at the top of the standings, but his lead narrowed a bit. There is now 8 minutes and 51 seconds left.

The Dutch are not hindered by a software problem

The first Dutchman crossed the finish line in eighth place on Tuesday. Martin van den Brink was the fastest man of the day, with Versteijnen in his wake. Janus van Kasteren participated for a long time for the day’s victory, but in the end of the stage he came to a standstill, causing him to lose a lot of time. In the end he came in in fifteenth place, at nineteen minutes.

The Russians are dominant throughout the Dakar Rally and the Dutch participants hardly have anything to say against the Kamaz violence. It turns out that there is a malfunction in IVECO’s tire inflation system, which allows the tire pressure to be varied according to the different types of surfaces encountered in the Dakar Rally. In the dunes, for example, a lower tire pressure is required than on a firmer surface.

The drivers of Team de Rooy are particularly affected by this. They now have to change the tire pressure manually, i.e. after they have brought the truck to a stop. That costs a lot of time. The problem arose after a software update during the rest day, reports motorsport. The problems seem to be persistent and unsolvable.

The standings

The Russians are further ahead in the general classification. The battle for victory in the trucks is clearly between Sotnikov and Nikolaev. In the general classification, Van Kasteren is the best-ranked Dutchman in sixth place at 2 hours and 27 minutes from the leader. Van den Brink and Versteijnen are behind him in seventh and eighth place.

Check out the entire ranking below.

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