Pirelli expects many one-stops in 2022: ‘The tires wear less quickly’


Pirelli CEO Mario Isola expects the majority of Formula 1 races in 2022 to be one-stop. With this, the strategic element of the sport seems to play a smaller role in the new era. Next season, Formula 1 will switch to 18-inch tires as part of the changing regulations. These tires were put to the test during the test days at the end of the season.

The first data from Pirelli indicate that the tires will wear a lot less. According to Isola, that should not be a problem with what the fans get in return. “I expect that most races next year will be a one-stop,” said the CEO in an interview with Tire Technology International. ‘But that’s okay. When we can finally really race wheel-to-wheel again, who will point to the pit stops?’

The new cars will probably be a lot slower in the beginning than last season’s cars. According to Valtteri Bottas, this is mainly due to the fact that the new cars have a lot less downforce. Isola predicts that there will be no change in speed due to the tires. “Only the car itself will change. We expect our tires to hold up just as well as they did this year.”

Test days not yet representative

However, the times driven during the test days in Abu Dhabi were not representative for next season. The 2021 cars were used, while the new tires were screwed on. ‘Every year we have the same problem. We can never test our tires with the final versions of the cars. Teams also had trouble getting the new tires on the cars those days, because of course the diameter of the tires was a lot bigger,” said Isola.

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