Prime Minister Rutte has good hopes for Verstappen: ‘I really think it can work’


Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte is hopeful that Max Verstappen will take his first world title this weekend. For that, the Red Bull Racing driver has to beat Lewis Hamilton. Rutte also emphasizes that he is very proud of Verstappen and that he will try to look back.

During the race, Rutte is not at home in front of the TV to watch Verstappen. ‘Now we are back in the Catshuis’, the prime minister begins with Beau. ‘Jaap van Dissel is a huge fan, so am I and others. So I think we’ll just have to see how it goes.’

‘Maybe and maybe world champion’

‘Max, a lot of success this Sunday’, continues Rutte, who adds: ‘In 2016, in May, the first big victory and now maybe, just maybe… Not even very maybe, maybe and maybe world champion. We are incredibly proud. I really think it can work.’

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport informed De Telegraaf that no cabinet members will be present in Abu Dhabi. “In these corona times, the cabinet is very reluctant to attend sports competitions with the public,” the spokesperson concludes.

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