Prost: ‘I would never comment on Verstappen’s aggression’


Alain Prost does not expect a crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in the season finale. In Prost’s career it has happened that the title was determined in this way, but according to him this is no longer possible in current Formula 1. When Telegraph When the four-time world champion inquires about whether the World Cup leader will be determined by the stewards, he is clear: ‘I don’t think so.’

‘Today, such incidents can be discussed and you can see all kinds of things in the telemetry. That’s why it’s completely different now from then,” argues Prost, who thinks the transparency in the data no longer allows title competitors to get away with illegal and dangerous actions. “If it is obvious, then there will be no controversy,” the Frenchman expects.

Prost foresees scenarios for Verstappen and Hamilton

“I think we’re going to see one of three possible scenarios. We may see an easy, and therefore quiet, race. The alternative is that we get to see a bizarre race where one of the two is clearly committing a foul, but you are left with no controversy,” continues the Alpine advisor. In that case, it is clear which of the two is to blame for the incident and it is not necessary to determine afterwards who will be the world champion.

The last scenario is the most annoying, admits Prost: ‘Everyone understands why you should deduct points or take some other strict measure. The worst would be if it’s somewhere in the middle. Then the championship is decided by the stewards.’ That is the scenario that no one is waiting for. It would be a stain on a brilliant battle between two greats.

Prost judges title fighters

Finally, the former McLaren driver discusses the two title competitors themselves. He first quotes the current World Cup leader: ‘We know that Verstappen is aggressive, that is his style. Is he going too far? I would never comment on his aggression, but I had similar issues with Senna.” He therefore sees something of Ayrton Senna in the driving style of the Dutchman. Senna also rode without compromise and I dove every hole he saw.

“Hamilton is much more mature,” notes Prost. “He has been driving exceptionally in recent races. The circuits are the problem for these two drivers. If you have a wide track where you can grab curbs and the like, it’s not just the drivers’ fault, but also the FIA, stewards and others involved. That makes it complex.’ Thus, the layouts of the circuits driven in the current time open the door to time penalties.

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