Qualifying duels: Mick Schumacher humiliates Mazepin


On the hunt for the fastest lap with little fuel in the tank: The qualification shows which of the stable mates really have a lead. Mick Schumacher got the biggest lead in 2021.

During the grandiose World Championship duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the fans discussed passionately: Who would be in the lead, would both be in a Red Bull Racing racer or in a Mercedes? Answer: We will never know.

The first yardstick for a pilot remains his own stable mate, and at no moment does the raw speed of a driver become clearer than in qualifying. For this reason, we investigated the question of how the drivers performed in the qualifying and against their teammates in 2021 – with the average qualifying position and the lead over their teammates.

Seven out of ten Formula 1 teams (Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, AlphaTauri, Aston Martin and Haas) will compete with the same driver pairing in 2022 as in 2021.

Lewis Hamilton – Valtteri Bottas
Qualifying duel: 17: 5
Average qualifying position 2.14: 3.77
Average advantage of Hamilton: 0.337 sec

Red Bull Racing
Max Verstappen – Sergio Pérez
Qualifying duel: 20: 1
Average qualifying position 2.82: 6.41
Average lead by Verstappen: 0.512 sec

Charles Leclerc – Carlos Sainz
Qualifying duel: 13: 9
Average qualifying position 6.59: 8.14
Average lead by Leclerc: 0.248 sec

Lando Norris – Daniel Ricciardo
Qualifying duel: 15: 7
Average qualifying position 6.58: 9.73
Average lead by Norris: 0.585 sec

Fernando Alonso – Esteban Ocon
Qualifying duel: 11:11
Average qualifying position 11.03: 11
Average lead by Ocon: 0.384 sec

Pierre Gasly – Yuki Tsunoda
Qualifying duel: 21: 1
Average qualifying position 6.82: 12.49
Average lead by Gasly: ​​0.570 sec

Aston Martin
Sebastian Vettel – Lance Stroll
Qualifying duel: 14: 8
Average qualifying position 11.73: 13.23
Average lead by Vettel: 0.309 sec

George Russell – Nicholas Latifi
Qualifying duel: 20: 2
Average qualifying position 12.55: 16.45
Russell’s average lead: 0.394 sec

Alfa Romeo
Kimi Raikkonen – Antonio Giovinazzi
Qualifying duel: 7:13
Average qualifying position 15.74: 13.76
Average advantage of Giovinazzi: 0.251 sec

Mick Schumacher – Nikita Mazepin
Qualifying duel: 20: 2
Average qualifying position 18.19: 19.58
Schumacher’s average lead: 0.915 sec

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