Raikkonen happy with retirement: “Formula 1 has never been my life”


Kimi Raikkonen is happy that his illustrious career has come to an end after 350 races. In addition, the Finn makes a remarkable revelation about the use of his seas of free time that he now has.

At the age of 42, it is finally enough for Raikkonen. The Finn is happy to have put an end to his career and is not even disappointed with his lousy last race in Abu Dhabi, where he retired early. “I’m just glad it’s all over. Even the fact that I couldn’t finish the last race doesn’t matter to me,” the former world champion told Sport Bild.

Better things to do

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The always smiling Finn doesn’t think he will miss the royal class. “I may never set foot in the paddock again. Formula 1 has never been my life. There have always been things that I thought were more important. Nothing will change now. I didn’t stop because I didn’t have the strength anymore but because from now on I have better things to do than sitting on planes and living in hotels,” he explains.

Garden toilet

With his retirement, Raikkonen has plenty of time for his family and hobbies. The German medium reiterates the fact that Raikkonen, as he himself wrote in his biography, likes to relieve himself in the garden. The question is whether he can do that more often as a pensioner. “Of course, that’s normal for me. As a child, we didn’t have a toilet in my parents’ house. Where else do you have to pee?”, he wonders. “Of course I will continue to do that, I have no problem with that. If I have to, then I have to,” he finally says.

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