Red Bull and Mercedes at a disadvantage due to world championship fight?


Will Mercedes and Red Bull have to pay for the enduring world championship fight in the coming year? While teams like Ferrari have written off the 2021 season early in order to concentrate on the new Formula 1 regulations 2022, the two top teams could not afford this luxury, but had to spend some resources to get the 2021 title.

That could give them a backlog, especially at the start of the season. But Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is optimistic that his racing team has found the right balancing act between 2021 and 2022. But he also knows that the cards are only revealed at the beginning of the season.

“If Ferrari has the fastest car and drives us around the ears in the first race, then you can probably tell,” said Horner when asked whether the long championship fight was a disadvantage. “But I think we all knew that the big rule changes would come in 2022 and that we adjusted our resources accordingly.”

But in this regard he sees his team well positioned and praises the “outstanding” work. “The effort was just phenomenal,” he points out.

The result will only be seen in a few months, when the new cars are on the track: “They look different, they will feel different, they will drive differently. And who managed it and who didn’t? Everything starts from the beginning, “said Horner.

The two top teams also have another disadvantage that they have to deal with. Since last season there have been restrictions in aerodynamics development, which are stronger or weaker depending on the placement in the World Cup. Mercedes and Red Bull get the least development time, Mercedes as constructor champions even less than Red Bull.

“We all work under the same budget and the same regulations,” says Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff. “It is therefore possible that teams like Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin or Alpine, who did not fight for the world title this year, come up with an intelligent concept because they could do more runs than the others and did it right to have.”

“I think that we can expect an even closer fight for the championship and race wins than before. And that’s exciting,” said the Austrian.

With images from Motorsport Images.

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