Red Bull comes with special ‘innovative and personal’ launch RB18


The Red Bull Racing team is organizing a special event to launch the RB18 for next year. It should be an interactive show, where all fans can personalize the launch according to their own interpretation.

Fans of Max Verstappen and Red Bull will eagerly await the new Verstappen and Perez car that will roll out of the factory after this winter. It remains to be seen, but soon the RB18, with which Verstappen can hunt for defending his world title, will be launched. This year, however, this will not be done with an average presentation.

Innovative technology

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The Red Bull team reports on its own website that a special event will be organized this year, where fans will have the opportunity to complete the launch in their own way. “We are going to use innovative technology that will allow you to launch your own personalized version of the RB18 car through your own social media channels. It’s simple, safe and easy and you can be part of our car launch with your friends, family and followers,” the team wrote.

Date unknown

It will even be possible for Red Bull fans to customize the stream by choosing which driver will introduce the show, which team leader will speak and in which language. Fans can register via the Red Bull website. The team has not yet announced when the RB18 will see the light of day on the world wide web for the first time.

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