Red Bull Racing: The nimble hands in Formula 1


Red Bull Racing won the “DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award” again in 2021. RBR team boss Christian Horner and team manager Jonathan Wheatley talk about the reasons for the success.

Hats off: The English Red Bull Racing team has won the “DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award” for the fourth time in a row; a trophy awarded by Formula 1 logistics company DHL for the fastest pit stops throughout the year.

RBR has shown nine of the ten fastest tire changes in 2021. Annual best time of the nimble hands – Max Verstappen was dispatched in Hungary within 1.88 seconds. There were also stops under two seconds in Bahrain (Verstappen 1.93), again in Hungary (Verstappen 1.96), in Portugal (Verstappen 1.98) and in Azerbaijan (Verstappen, also 1.98).

The world pit stop record of 1.82 seconds from the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix remains unbroken, of course also set by Red Bull Racing (also on Max Verstappen’s car).

What does the Milton Keynes team do better than their opponents? Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner says: “The secret lies in a combination of different factors. It all starts with our sports director Jonathan Wheatley and chief mechanic Phil Turner and has its roots in hard training. “

«The guys pride themselves on showing quick stops. Every mechanic wants to be part of this troop, and there is healthy competition to see who can participate. I see it a little like I used to at school: When teams are formed in sports – who is preferred? It is a matter of honor for our people to be given priority here. “

“And then it’s all about details and practice, practice and more practice. We are working on minor improvements that add up to make the most of the difference. We are also working hard on consistency. Because it is not enough to get the fastest stop in a race, but to go wrong with the other three. “

“We also constantly look at the technology and strive for optimization. For example, our partner ExxonMobil developed a new lubricant for the impact wrench in 2020, and all of this creates – in the truest sense of the word – a well-oiled machine. “

Team manager Jonathan Wheatley adds: “For me, the focus is always on people. Basically, this job needs a specialist who can keep a cool head even in stressful moments. We not only train physical performance, but also work on mental strength. A safe environment is very important to us, we don’t want any injuries. The goal is for the same mechanics to work constantly on the car over the entire season. Bottom line, I would say that these factors count the most – balance, ambition, consistency. “

DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award – all winners

2015 Ferrari
2015 Williams
2017 Mercedes
2018 Red Bull Racing
2019 Red Bull Racing
2020 Red Bull Racing
2021 Red Bull Racing

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